Taking Toddlers to Mallorca – Wonderful 5 Day Trip

We loved taking our toddlers to Mallorca, Spain! It was full of relaxation, beach/pool time with a mix of exploring the city. It was perfect for our family. There are actually many more things to do in Mallorca, than what we just did – but we wanted to take it easy with the kids and relax. I wrote up our favorite activities that made Mallorca a place we want to visit again!

What to do in Mallorca:

Beach & Pool: There are so many beaches around Mallorca, you are bound to find a beach your children will love playing at. Our kids loved the sand at the beach, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the baby/toddler pool at our resort! We didn’t even go to the most famous beaches, due to their distance from our resort, and I was uncertain if it would be easy for our young toddlers to walk through the rocks. However, there are many family friendly beach options, as well as pools.

Palma Aquarium: This aquarium was beautiful and huge. It included a wide array of sea creatures, as well as a soft play area, playground, and a cafe to eat. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed a full 2 hours here, and had it not been for lunchtime/nap time, we could have stayed longer. They particularly loved the sharks, turtles, and octopus. We rented a car to get to the aqaurium, as it is closer to the Palma City Center.

Old Town Palma: I LOVE old towns. Walking around cobblestone roads, taking in the beautiful architecture/views, visiting the shops and restaurants – this is my favorite parts of the trip. A highlight of this town was riding on a horse-drawn carriage with the kids. The look of excitement on their faces when they realised that we were about to get on the horse was amazing. It served as a guided tour of the city, as the guide described different buildings and key facts about the city.

Other activities that we feel that our toddlers would have enjoyed, if we had more time, include:

  • Marineland
  • Dolphin watching boat tour
  • Boat tours to other beaches

Where to Stay in Mallorca:

We stayed at the Melia Calvia Beach in Magaluf. Our fam trip to Mallorca is one of my favorite trips we’ve taken, and that probably has a lot to do with the location of our resort.  Here are some things that we loved about our lodging, that could be helpful when planning your own beach trip or selecting a resort/lodging in Mallorca.

  1. The close proximity to the beach: When taking two toddlers and lots of gear to the beach, the closer your lodging is, the better. Even a 10 minute walk could leave us out of breath, so the fact that this was an easy walk enhanced our experience.
  2. Toddler/Baby Pool: Our kids loved it when we took them into the bigger pool, but when we took them to the toddler/baby pool, we were all able to relax because even they could walk in it safely. Side note: If planning this trip during winter months, check if the baby/toddler pool is heated.
  3. Breakfast with toddler-friendly food: The amount of food our kids eat is a hit or miss daily, but breakfast is the one meal that they both generally eat well IF their preferred items are available. When they start off the day with full tummies, it sets a much better tone for the rest of the day and to get started on any other activity planned.
  4. Walking distance to a supermarket/child friendly shops/restaurants: It is expected to forget some baby essential or run out of diapers. It is great to know you can walk right over to a supermarket to get milk or water at the last minute (rather than paying hotel prices).
  5. Reasonable Distance from Other Attractions: Being able to get to at least one or two other activities (like an aquarium or a city center) is a nice-to-have for anyone who wants to add something else to their trip itinerary. I usually check for the best reviews of a ‘toddler-oriented’ activity and see if our lodging is a reasonable distance away.

Overall, the hotel was clean and the rooms were decent size. Breakfast was quite good. Calvia Beach itself is a standard sandy beach; and although Mallorca has several more stunning beaches, but easy access to this one with our toddlers was the biggest appeal.

What to Eat in Mallorca:

Tom Brown(Magaluf): This is not the fanciest spot, but tasty and quick! A few times we would grab food from this restaurant (pizza, chicken nuggets/fries, and nachos) and eat it on the beach with our kids. We also tried their lasagna and garlic shrimp which were great! We were grateful that the food was toddler-friendly.

Gelacious(Magaluf): Our kids LOVE Acai, so anywhere we go, we always search for the nearest and best Acai spots. Gelacious’s Acai was great, although our picky-eater 3-year-old was horrified at the toppings. Our amazing-eater 1-year-old ate those for him. The whole family demolished my pina colada smoothie.

Iroko (Magaluf): I was craving spicy tuna sushi, and this restaurant did not disappoint. We also enjoyed the bang bang shrimp. We appreciated that before we arrived, they had two baby chairs set up at our table and quickly brought out our kids dinner. I was surprised that this restaurant didn’t have more reviews, because I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Jimmy Churri Empanadas (Palma): My friend suggested we visit this place, and so glad we did! I am not a big Empanada person, but I thoroughly enjoyed the veggie one, as did our baby girl – she had two full ones! I suggest you purchase a box of a few and find a bench nearby to enjoy them – of course a cold coke zero will enhance the experience.

Rivareno (Magaluf AND Palma): Rivareno’s gelato is delicious and tastes like authentic Italian! It melts QUICKLY, so eat fast! We ate from this chain multiple times during the trip.



If interested in coordinating your trip to Mallorca with other cities in Spain, feel free to refer to my posts on Barcelona, Seville (and Portugal), or the Canary Islands.

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