7 Great Things to Do in Rosemary Beach FL on a Family Trip

Rosemary Beach FL, is a perfect road trip for our friends and family who live in Georgia. We went twice in May 2021, for our family trip, and two weeks later, my sister’s bachelorette trip. Both times, I had both my kids (2-years-old and 5-months-old) with me. We enjoyed it enough, that I was content with taking the kids there a second time in the same month.

7 Favorite Things to do on a Family Trip in Rosemary Beach FL:

  1. Beach time in Rosemary Beach FL

There are so many options for beautiful beaches around the area! I loved relaxing on the beach with my kids, while they played in the sand and water. My sister-in-law brought a portable, inflatable pool that we placed our babies to sit in, along with a hand pump to blow it up. We also made sure to have toys for the sand!

2. Pool time:

When booking a place in Rosemary Beach, make sure to find a spot that has easy access to a pool! Ideally the pool is walking distance from your lodging, as getting your kids and all their swim gear to the pool can be quite a process! If they have a kiddy pool, it is an even better option.

3. Yoga on the beach:

This was another fun group activity! I kept my baby worn in the baby carrier the entire time, and was able to do most of the standing poses with slight modifications. I didn’t do the floor ones, however. If she had been a bit more stable at the time, I would have felt comfortable sitting my baby on a blanket next to the teacher. The baby carrier did work, though!

4. Bike Rental:

Bike rentals are easily accessible throughout the community, and they have the perfect child-trailers for kids! My husband took our toddler around for a ride, and the two-year-old did not want to get out!


5. Private Chef at Home: An indulgence activity was arranging a private chef to come make brunch for our group trip! The chef from PlatetoPlate accommodated our dietary needs, as well as prepped and cleaned everything herself. My kids ate portions of our food as well. All in all, it was a great experience!

6. Bonfire on the Beach:

This is one activity, which I opted to not bring my kids to due to bedtimes. However, a beach bonfire at sunset by 30A Blaze was an incredible experience! We also included their dinner option, and they provided a taco bar, which was ideal for our group. Of course, if you bring your children to this activity, make sure to keep an eye on them and the fire!

7. Alys Beach:

We loved exploring Alys Beach. The buildings and architecture are beautiful. We also discovered Raw &Juicy, a delicious Acai and Juice restaurant! Despite it being on the pricey side, it was a fun indulgence for our trip and something both my children thoroughly enjoyed! The whole area has a very ‘mediterranean’ ambiance, that I absolutely adore.

One item which I did not get to do was a visit to the Pearl Hotel Rooftop. Next time! What are some of your favorite activities in Rosemary Beach?

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