Exploring Copenhagen, Denmark with 2 Toddlers: Helpful Family-Friendly Tips

Copenhagen, Denmark is a very charming city! It is clean, easy to manoeuvre a stroller, and has several activities that young kids would enjoy. Our itinerary was as follows: 2 full days in Copenhagen, 1 day trip to Malmo, Sweden, and then a 2 day trip to Legoland Denmark in the city of Billund.

Where to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark:

We stayed at AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen because we are Marriott rewards members, and were able to use our points. It was nice and comfortable, and we were able to take a 10-15 minute taxi ride everywhere. However, it was a bit further from our main destinations I normally prefer. If I could change it, I would have preferred to be closer to the main city center which was central to Tivoli Gardens and Nyhavn (our favorite spots in Copenhagen).

What to do in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Tivoli Gardens

Visiting Tivoli Gardens was the highlight of Copenhagen for our family. It is a huge area, full of beautiful gardens, rides for various ages, arcade games, and quality food options. We arrived mid-day and left after dinner. I regret not starting earlier, and doing breakfast there to have more time for leisurely strolling the gardens. The kids didn’t want to leave here! Save time from the lines and purchase the tickets in advance here.

Visit Nyhavn

Nyhavn is the pretty street with the water and ships that is the ‘signature’ picture of Copenhagen. There are several restaurants on this street. Something to consider when taking young kids there is that there is no fence to the water – so we were on edge while our kids were running around the area and constantly trying to hold tight to them.

I would allocate time to enjoy the views here and add in an additional meal or dessert on this street.

Boat Ride

They have a few boat ride options around the town, particularly in Nyhavn and the city center. The boat ride that we took from the city center also passed the Little Mermaid statue (which was further out than we wanted to travel), so this was very convenient for us. We purchased our boat tickets in person, but to avoid the lines, you could purchase in advance using on of the Get Your Guide boat tours.

Day trip to Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, Sweden is an easy 45 minute train ride from Copenhagen. The night before our train, we purchased our tickets here. We had lunch at the main foodhall, Malmo Saluhall, where I thoroughly enjoyed a Falafel salad and coffee. We then took it easy and strolled the city center for two hours before taking a train back to Copenhagen.

It is a cute city, but if I could back in time, I would have probably not done Malmo and stuck to having extra time at Tivoli Gardens, because the kids would have preferred it.

Overnight trip to Legoland Denmark

Our kids are four-years-old and two-years-old, and we felt that it was great ages for our first Legoland Experience. Legoland Denmark is the happiest our son has ever been in his life. He left saying “he wants to live there”. The amount that the kids had fun there made it worth it and the extra effort/expense this excursion was.

We took a train from Copenhagen to the nearest available train station, Vejle. From there, we took a bus, right infront of the station, that went directly to Legoland/Legoland Hotel. It was significantly cheaper than a private taxi.

The favorite aspects of the Legoland Experience:

  1. The Hotel:

Staying at Hotel Legoland was a little pricey, but absolutely worth it. From the minute you enter to the hotel lobby to the room itself, there are legos and lego creations everywhere. The kids were so giddy! We stayed in the ‘Park View Room’ and were satisfied with the cleanliness, the view, and the interior set up in the room. The staff even leave legos in the room for the kids to play with, as well as smaller lego goody bags for the kids to take home with them. The food is absolutely mediocre and expensive, so we tried to mostly eat at the park instead.

We purchased a package on the website that included a room rate for our family of four, as well as two day ticket passes to the park. Because the hotel leads into the park, it was convenient for us to spend a few hours each day without feeling too rushed.

2. Rides:

Our kids were able to go on several rides, although because our daughter was just a little too short for some + I am pregnant, we did not go on all of them. There were a few smaller rides that the kids sat on by themselves, which was a first for us! You can download the app beforehand, review the website, or check the signs at each ride to check for height restrictions.



Playground: There is a little playground for kids to run around and exert energy. I let the kids explore here for at least 45 minutes. My four-year-old was on the older end for it, but still enjoyed it with his sister.

Miniature Cities: They have sections in Legoland of miniature cities, train stations, airports, etc. and our son was mesmerised. We decided to let him stand as long as he wanted to simply observe – and he spent almost 2 full hours staring.

Race Car Building: The LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race room allows kids to build small lego race cars and then slide them on various slide race track options. The kids didn’t want to leave this room. There were adults in the room who were as, if not more, invested than the kids.

Where to eat in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Type Name Location What we got
Brunch Union Kitchen Nyhavn The food was good, but I especially loved the lemonade
Lunch/Dinner Gasoline Grill Everywhere (Tivoli Gardens) Cheeseburger
Dessert Bertels Salon City Center Oreo cheesecake


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