3 Helpful Tips for Taking a Multigenerational Group Trip to a National Park

Spending time with your kids and parents is precious. When planning an activity that everyone can partake in, it is essential to incorporate everyone’s physical abilities into the mix. A national park is usually a good option for the group trip, as family members can go at their own pace and everyone enjoys fresh air and a pretty view. When our family visited Split, we took a day trip to Krka National Park. Similar to other trails and waterfalls, anywhere around the world, we would suggest the following notes!

Key Tips on Traveling with a Multi-Generational Group to a National Park:

Trip to a National Park Tip #1: Wear proper shoes

Whether you take the easier or more difficult route, there will be walking involved on uneven surfaces. Whether you have a toddler you need to chase after or have a parent who has knee issues, it is helpful to have proper shoe gear. We bought our parents these waterproof/hiking shoes from Tropical Feel. They all loved them! Side note: In 2015, I wore improper shoes/no socks on a hike up Macchu Picchu Mountain in Peru. It cost me a toenail. Wear the right shoes and socks.

Trip to a National Park Tip #2: Bring the right gear you need to manage the kids on the trail

The trails might be bumpy, the stroller might not glide over dirt, or there might be steps. Bring the gear you need to be able to manage your kids on this hike whether it is a light-weight stroller, like our BabyZen YoYo, our go-to baby carrier, the BabyBjorn carrier, or a body leash for your toddler! Many people carry their kids in a ‘baby backpack carrier’; however, we have not personally tried it.

Trip to a National Park Tip #3: Pack the diaper bag strategically with snacks

When walking along trails, it is easy to lose track of time, and all of a sudden your kids are starving. The thing with national parks is that there are likely cafes and snack areas, but they might not have the biggest variety. Plan your kids meals ahead, even if its a Macaroni and Cheese or a Porridge Pot that you just need to add some boiling water too. Better be prepared with some type of food item that you can give to your kids quickly. Our standard list of snacks to include in our diaper bag is as follows: Porridge Pot, Instant Macaroni and Cheese, granola bars, fruit pouches, nuts, bananas, oranges, water bottles, and plastic utensils/napkins.

What are some of your favorite items to take along with you to a National Park?


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