Croatia with Tots

In September 2021, we had the opportunity to travel with both sets of our babies grandparents to Croatia. This trip was absolutely wonderful, but required quite a bit of planning and strategy, as necessary when planning a group trip for diverse age ranges/physical abilities. We visited Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split for 10 days. We took … More Croatia with Tots

Greece with Tots

For years, my husband and I have dreamt of visiting Greece. When we started to plan our Greece trip during Summer 2021, a lot of people discouraged us from going, because they felt that it was not an ideal place for our young kids. We ended up proceeding with the trip and visiting Athens, Santorini, … More Greece with Tots

Traveling with Tots: Key Lessons Learned

Regarding traveling with two, two and under, people ask me regularly “how do you guys it?”. The answer is that even if things are not always perfect or easy, we enjoy travel so much and are so committed to continuing to do so with kids, we simply figure out how to make it work. Traveling with young kids comes with it’s own hurdles and nuances, but if you are able to manage it, it is so worth it! Life is short and you never know what the next day will hold, so getting to experience new cultures, food, and making memories with your babies is a huge blessing. Here are my main three tips, based on our experiences, if you are planning a trip with your toddler/baby! … More Traveling with Tots: Key Lessons Learned

Lake Garda Weekend Trip with Two Babies Two and Under

Primary Stay: Sirmoine, Lake Garda If you are in Northern Italy, there are numerous, beautiful ways to explore the region. My husband and I are blessed to have been able to explore a decent amount of Italy, but this was our first visit to the country with two babies under two. While visiting Milan, we … More Lake Garda Weekend Trip with Two Babies Two and Under

Planning a Weekend in the Italian Riviera (With a Toddler)

I have wanted to visit Portofino ever since I saw the most perfect, instagram-worthy pictures of the little town in the Italian Riviera. I am so grateful we were able to add a get away there while visiting Italy for our Babymoon (along with our 17-month-old). When I conducted research on planning a weekend there, … More Planning a Weekend in the Italian Riviera (With a Toddler)