Pregnancy and a Caffeine Cheat Sheet


Pregnancy changes lots of aspects of your life. For me, one of the biggest challenges of pregnancy was the reduced caffeine intake. I had previously relied on two cups of coffee per day and a diet coke to function. All of a sudden, I had to limit it – despite my newfound pregnancy fatigue. I actually told my boss when I was five weeks pregnant, and was drinking a cup of coffee, and she immediately had me throw out. In retrospect, I’m grateful she made me realize how important it is to reduce your caffeine intake during pregnancy.

Doctors recommend no more than 200 milligrams of caffeine a day for pregnant women. Some women prefer to cut it out completely; and some prefer to stay within the 200 mg mark. I fell in the latter group. I was constantly googling or asking others “how much caffeine is in ___”.  To make it easier for moms like me, I created a cheat sheet of popular homemade caffeinated beverages with approximate milligrams of caffeine per 12 oz cup! Hope this helps!

Drink Caffeine (Per 12 oz)
Regular Brewed Coffee 144 mg
Decaf Brewed Coffee 3 mg
Regular Instant Coffee 93 mg
Decaf Instant Coffee 3 mg
French Press 161 mg
Drip Brewed 120 mg
Cappuccino 77 mg (per single)
Espresso 64 (in 1 oz shot)
Latte 77 mg (in 1 oz shot)
K Cups 142 mg
Black Tea 47 mg
Green Tea 30 mg
Red Leaf Raspberry 0 mg
Matcha Tea 70 mg
Chai Latte 75 mg
Chai 50 mg
White Tea 45 mg
Coke 32 mg
Diet Coke 42 mg
Sprite 0 mg
Hot Chocolate 10 mg

**Based on the sources I used, these figures are approximate numbers, and not exact. Exact numbers are based on brand and amount used. Please consult with your healthcare provider if you have any questions.





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