Prague with Toddlers and Babies

Where to stay in Prague

When doing city trips with our kids, we usually like to stay walking distance to city center’s with restaurants and shops easily with our Cybex Gazelle Stroller. Staying in Old Town Prague worked out ideally for our family. We mostly stayed local, and took one cab ride for an ‘excursion’. Even nicer was when we got a few hours of the kids napping in the stroller while we explored this beautiful city.

What to do in Prague

In general, cobblestone roads, walking around with a cup of coffee, and enjoying pretty views is my favorite kind of trip – so Prague was perfect. In addition to being my favorite new city, the kids loved it too. Here are a few of the things we did that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Old Town Prague Square:

This square is one of Europes most beautiful squares. Standing in the middle of it, night or day, you can absolutely see why. The architecture, the astronomical clock, and the space for our kids to run around made it a great setting to stroll. Grab a snack and explore the shops, restaurants, and beauty.

Charles Bridge:

The Charles Bridge connects two lovely areas in Prague. The Bridge itself has beautiful views of the water, as well as stalls selling handmade items and artists making different portraits. We loved getting our kids portraits drawn on the St. Charles Bridge.

Lego Museum:

The Lego Museum is close to Old Town Prague. The first level is a Lego Store, and the bottom level is a museum filled with dozens and dozens of lego constructions. There are areas where the kids can play with legos as well. It is not a giant facility, but our kids didn’t want to leave.

Prague Zoo:

I am not a big Zoo person, and if it wasn’t for my kids, I would likely not go – but the Prague Zoo was actually beautiful. There is a stunning pasture where giraffes, zebras, and other animals are wandering around together. I was most excited for the section with Kangaroos, where you can go inside the habitat. You can’t actually touch them, but are close enough to do so.

The zoo also had an actual petting zoo, which we were unable to go to because we ran out of time. This zoo is enormous and could take the whole day. Make sure to jot down the exhibits that.

What to eat in Prague

Old Town Prague is full of diverse cuisine options! We had different types of cuisines during the trip, and generally always really enjoyed the food! Here were the spots that we recommend visiting. All with menus of food we enjoyed, toddler friendly options, and baby chairs available at most of these spots. As always, our disposable mats and full size body bib made our restaurant experiences much more enjoyable.

Restaurant Yami Sushi Bistro (Sushi): I love a basic spicy tuna roll, always.

Indian Jewel (Indian): Our kids loved the mango lassi, rice, yogurt, and garlic naan. I know, not a ton of protein, but it’s calories.

Venue (Breakfast): I loved the chai latte and the red velvet pancakes here. The chicken and waffles seem like their most popular dish, but compared to Southern versions of this dish, we felt it was mediocre.

The Street (Burger): The burgers were great and our family of four devoured the sweet potato fries.

Lemon Leaf (Thai): This was really delicious Thai – we loved the spicy lemongrass soup in particular!

Interested in combining a trip to Prague with some other cities as well? I recommend adding Budapest and/or Vienna to the itinerary, as both are reasonable train rides away. See here for my blog post on Budapest with kids or Vienna on a girls trip.

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