Perfect Gift for Your Pregnant Friend! -The Belly Book

When I announced my pregnancy with Faiz, several family and friends send goodies for me and my growing fetus. One of my favorite items was from my friend Leeza – ‘The Belly Book‘. The Belly Book is a journal for a woman to document her pregnancy, childbirth, and all the associated pictures and memories. I loved it so much, I got it for Leeza when she became pregnant with her son. The link to this item can be found: It’s the perfect present for a soon-to-be-mama because of a few reasons!

  1. Memory Prompts: The Belly Book includes prompts to write up memories (i.e., finding out you’re pregnant, how you told your partner/family, and key highlights of each trimester). I even added a detailed write-up of my labor story. A lot of times, my friends will ask about the details and I send them a picture of everything that happened. That being said, it’s a very specific sub-set of humans who are interested in the details of my childbirth – but I love that I have it all documented.
  2. Picture Placeholders: The Belly Book includes inserts for weekly progress pictures, which is a good reminder for moms to actually take the picture and print it out for the book. It’s fun to flip through the pages and see myself visually grow through the months.
  3. Sentimental Gift: It is one of those items that a lot of moms probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. It’s a nice-to-have, but when budgeting for all the future baby expenses, something that aims to be more of a “memorable” item, rather than something they have budgeted for in their baby gear list.

When I look back to read my book, with all the memories I had during my pregnancy with Faiz, I remember details that I have now forgotten. I’m excited to share some of the anecdotes and memories with Faiz when he’s older. I just ordered myself another one for Baby #2, so that she can have a similar book to look at.

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