Necessary Gear for a Flight with Two Tots

Packing before a trip with toddlers is not an easy task. It is so easy to either over-do it or forget something essential. After numerous flights with our two toddlers, we have figured out our essential items for a long flight with both of them.

  • Diaper Bag/Carry-On: I like to have a large purse/back-pack as my primary diaper bag that will remain by my feet, and a carry-on with all the surplus items, to place in the overhead bin.
  • Travel stroller: We love our BabyZen YoYo stroller as our go-to travel stroller. The most appealing features are how light weight it is and that we can fold it and store it in the overhead bin.  
  • Baby carrier: I love the Baby Bjourn carrier, and have been using it since my daughter was a newborn and she on our recent trip as a 14-month-old! Not going to lie, she starts to feel heavy and I need to re-adjust, but it is our best option on transporting our two young kids. I also love wearing her while sitting on the flight to 1. Confine her and 2. Keep my hands free while she sleeps on me.  
  • Diapers/Changing Pad/Wipes: Put enough for the flight in your bag that will be by your feet, and extra in the carry-on.
  • Portable potty seat: Store this in it’s own plastic bag.
  • Extra change of clothes: Extra outfits and extra bibs might come in handy. If you can fit in, a spare outfit for mom and dad might be good too.
  • Sippy cups & bottles: Don’t forget a portable brush to be able to do a quick cleanse throughout the flight.
  • Disposable mats: These stick adhesive disposable mats are some of my favorite items to have with me! They can use it on the tray in the airplane and eat directly off of it, as well as play with their toys on there and you can feel less anxious about the hygiene of the tray. 
  • Snacks: An assortment of their favorite snacks, as well as new snacks. Ideally low on sugar, and filling, to keep them satisfied and their energy levels manageable!  
  • Snacks in bead box: Putting a few small snacks in the bead boxes has a dual benefit for kids – something to much on and play with at the same time! Worked better for my two-year-old than my one-year-old.
  • Portable inflatable bed: We love our new Fly Away Sleeper, a portable, inflatable bed that the kids can sleep or play on during the fight. For the full review on this, visit my blog post Fly Away Sleeper Review 
  • Body harness: This body leash is controversial, but works for my toddlers. The older one doesn’t need it as much, but my younger one runs away FAST. This allows me to manage her in the airport area without feeling overwhelmed that she will escape me. 
  • Coloring books & non-toxic crayons: Both my kids love to color, and for some reason, love to eat crayons. Having non-toxic crayons lets them color and when they try to sneak it into their mouth, I am less panicked.  
  • Buckle boards: I LOVE these montessori buckle boards, where the toddlers can practice different types of buckles and knots. Such a great way to keep them entertained and develop their motor skills. 
  • Sticker books & extra 3D Stickers: Sticker books for the kids is a favorite activity for mine! However, they struggle with taking the stickers off the pages within the book, so having an extra set of the 3D Stickers on plastic sheets, that they can use to place in the sticker book works better for us!


We also pack an iPad or Tablet with shows for the older toddler, although longer flights usually have TV’s with good options for the kiddies!

What items are on your list of essentials for the flight?

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