Relaxing Lake Garda Weekend Trip with Two Babies Two and Under

If you are in Northern Italy, there are numerous, beautiful ways to explore the region. My husband and I are blessed to have been able to explore a decent amount of Italy, but this was our first visit to the country with two babies under two. While visiting Milan, we decided to take a 3-day weekend trip to Lake Garda, and it was an amazing family-friendly weekend with our two-year-old and five-month-old. I describe below the details of our weekend itinerary and nuances with traveling with kids here!

Where to stay in Lake Garda, Italy

We really value good food, walking-friendly locations, and ease of moving the kids around. We wanted our two-year-old, in particular, to be able to run around and exert energy (so that we all get a better nights rest). We opted to stay in the town of Sirmoine, in an Air B&B located in the village within the castle. If you stay in this town, definitely try to reserve a place within the castle town so that it is easier to access the restaurants and shops. When you are with kids, even a few minutes makes a difference! We stayed in and highly recommend this Air B&B!

Even though my husband was working a decent amount of the trip, I was able to manage the two kids solo without too much struggle. I used a baby carrier and stroller for the baby, and I let my two-year-old walk around the town. He is still becoming independent with walking, so it was good practice and great to let him get his energy out! Additionally, the cafe’s were great about providing us with warm milk each evening for our son.

Transportation and Parking in Lake Garda, Italy:

We rented a car in Milan and drove to Sirmoine. It was a two-hour-drive. The nearest major city to Sirmoine is Verona. We stayed in Sirmoine, and drove to Limione for a half-day trip.

Because the castle town of Sirmoine is primarily pedestrian-only, the main guest parking lot is a 15-minute-walk away. It costs approximately 18 euros per day. Still, I recommend having a car to get to this area and to be able to drive to the nearby towns.

What to do in Lake, Garda, Italy:

  • Castle Tower in Sirmoine: Take a tour of the castle or simply explore around it
  • Leisurely Explore Old Town: Browse the restaurants and shops at Sirmoine, and eaat pizza and gelato galore
  • Boat ride: Take a boat ride around Sirmoine
  • Day trip to Limione: Take an afternoon trip to the town of Limione. It is a bit of a drive, but you are already so close, and the views from Limione are worth the effort!
  • Day trip to Verona: Visit the city of Verona (especially Juliet’s balcony)


Half-day trip: Limione

Half-day trip to Verona (these were taken from a prior trip to Italy, although the city is manageable with kids)

Although Lake Garda might get overlooked for Lake Como, which is also beautiful, of course, Lake Garda made for a pleasant weekend get away with little kids. All in all, we left the weekend refreshed, happy, and stomachs full of pizza and gelato. 

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