Hvar with Tots

Hvar is a beautiful port and resort town, with stunning views. I was lucky I was able to enjoy it with my family and kids, as well as with my favorite sister-BFFs! Here are three main tips I suggest for having a fabulous trip with your kiddies.

Boat Tour: A must-do in Hvar is some kind of boat tour, whether part of a group or privately. We had enough people in our group to arrange for a private boat to equal out to the cost of a group tour. This worked out, ,because it turned out that the main sight many people visit, the Blue Grotto, was not a feasible destination to get to with young children. Thankfully, the driver found alternative beautiful spots, that required a shorter and smoother ride for the kids. We were grateful that the team was so accommodating to our needs, and we got to enjoy an ideal boat day! Visit here to see the exact tour we used.

The Resort: Staying at the Amfora Resort was a family friendly way to enjoy our experience. There aren’t a large number of resorts in the town, such a close proximity to the New Town. I’m also not usually a big ‘sit by the pool’ person, but I LOVED seeing my kids enjoy the pool at this resort. I loved it so much, that I wish we had stayed one more night here. The water at the tip of the pool was shallow enough for my toddler to walk in and my baby girl to splash her feet. There was a playground 3 minutes away, which my two-year-old thoroughly enjoyed. The New Town was a pleasant 10-minute-walk away from the resort. The breakfast was just okay, but thankfully the town was so close that we had other nearby food options.



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