How did I end up mom blogging?

My name is Shaina. My husband is Sherezad (Sher for short), and our son, Faiz, is one-year-old. Both of our families are from Atlanta, GA. We were friends for years, before starting to date in May 2016 and getting married in August 2017. Sher moved into my apartment, about a 25 minute drive from each of our parents and fairly close to our sisters. Once we had Faiz in April 2019, we were even more grateful to have so much family nearby that we saw every week. So how did we end up moving to a different continent?

Sher received an expat opportunity from his job, to live in London for three years. Although we miss the people in our lives tremendously, we knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we couldn’t miss it! We jumped on the offer, and are living in London from January 2020 to January 2023. Initially, my plan had been to start my job hunt in April 2020, after setting us into our flat. However, the world had other plans and COVID19 impacted everything. My background is in public health, so this is really prime time for job hunting; but during this time, finding childcare is not an option. SO I needed to figure out something to do while staying at home with Faiz.

Being Faiz’s mom is my favorite job in the world. I adore him so much; but I also know that in order to be the best mom, I need to have my own thing. My own job, source of income, something to be working towards. I have an MPH in Global Health Communications, run a South Asian accessories store called The Shaadi Shop, and lead a nonprofit focused on refugees in Clarkston, The Glitter of Hope Foundation. I never saw myself as a mom blogger, but that’s life, and even though I’m only one post in, so far so good 🙂 I hope to use this platform to share my thoughts and ideas on baby care, as well as London and European travel and expat life and tools and ideas to accomplish your own projects and goals. Being a mom means we learn to multitask – and life is even more full because of it. Hence, the Multitasking Mama <3

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