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When I first brought Faiz home from the hospital, I learned lots of things that surprised me. One of which is that US Doctors guidelines recommend keeping blankets out of cribs. Experts say that blankets in the crib, with a baby under the age of 12 months, increases the chance of smothering, suffocation, or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This applies to other items such as stuffed toys, pillows, or other soft objects. Basically, the only thing in the crib should be the baby. TBH this was something my parents found surprising since this guideline had not been around when my sister and I were babies.

As long as the babies room is at a comfortable temperature (between 70 to 72 degrees) and is dressed in no more than one layer than what you would wear, you baby should be warm enough. However, if you are like me, you’ll want to keep him in something cozy. Our favorite product, hands down, was the Halo Sleep sack. It was actually developed by Bill Schmid, who unfortunately, lost his infant daughter to SIDS in 1991. He wanted to prevent families from experiencing what he had, so he conducted research on medical and health recommendations for safe sleep environments and  created a product that would serve as a safe sleep sack for a baby.

The HALO sleep sack is basically a wearable blanket, which intends to eliminate the chance that a baby can get entangled with loose bedding. The sleep sack is a sleeveless blanket to wear over pajamas or a onesie. It works as a swaddle and a warm sack, so that the baby feels snug and cozy, but can wiggle his toes.As the baby is younger, you can swaddle the arms in. As you want to begin ‘unswaddling’, you can swaddle the baby with the arms out.

I remember the first night of Faiz wearing this. It worked so well, that I ultimately had to buy the product in a few in different sizes.

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Halo Sleep Sack – Newborn Size

Halo Sleep Sack – Small Size

Halo Sleep Sack – Medium Size

Halo Sleep Sack – Large Size



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