Getting through Airport Security with Tots


This picture is the epitome of relaxation/exhaustion after the airport process with our goobers. Thankfully, we have gotten the hang of the airport process, and although it is not perfect, it is much smoother than our initial flights. For us, going through security is always a hurdle – here are some key notes that I wish I knew on our first time!

  • The Line: If you have kids, ask if there is a special line for families.
  • Stroller & Baby Carrier: Our standard airport process is to have our toddler in our travel stroller, and I baby-wear the younger one. Based on the specific airport and specific TSA agent, we are generally asked to fold up our travel stroller and remove the baby from the baby carrier. I always ask the TSA agent if I can leave the gear open or continue to wear her. It happened a handful of times that they let us, and it was worth asking just in case.
  • Breastmilk and Formula: Pumped breastmilk is permitted on the flight, you just need to be ready for it to be inspected. When I used to transport it, I kept it in freezer friendly pouches, place it in a cooler (make sure its airline approved, with a cool pack). Always a good idea to double check CDC’s guidelines on safe ways of handling breastmilk. I also took formula on the plane, along with water bottles for the formula, and as long as they are kept and inspected separately, it is not an issue.
  • Items for the Security Line: The thing that saves us time and energy in the security line is to use clear packing cubes (or Zip lock bags) in the diaper bag and carry-on. All snacks in one item, all liquid/pouches in another, electronics in the next, etc. Make sure you look at the oz amount of any liquid item you have beforehand (I lost a brand new size of Infant Tylenol bc of this error).

What are some of your go-to tips on dealing with the security line at the airport?

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