Favorite Tool to Organize Trip Details

I’m usually the family lead on travel planning, EXCEPT when it comes to keeping all the trip details consolidated – that’s my husband’s value add to our travels 🙂

My husband uses TripIt in order to help us stay organized on our trip. TripIt offers a free app, which aggregates all your travel plans in one place. From information on your flight, train, hotel, tours, reservations etc. the TripIt app brings together all these details and automatically creates an itinerary for your trip. If you have multiple passengers on your trip or multiple trips booked in the near future, this is a streamlined way to keep all your information organized and up-to-date.

There is a free version of the tool, and a paid version ($49 per year). The free version will include benefits such as auto-imports reservations and flights from your inbox to the app and syncs plans onto your calendar, creating an organized trip planner and master itinerary. The paid version includes all the features of the free version, plus extra benefits. The table below summarizes the features of the free versus the paid versions of TripIt.

Benefits TripIt Pro vs.TripIt Free

TripIt Free TripIt Pro
($49 per year)
Organized Trip planner + master itinerary X X
Cross platform access X X
Auto-import plans straight from your inbox X X
Syncs plans onto your calendar X X
Group trip planner X X
Important travel information X X
COVID-19 travel guidance X X
Shows Transportation options (includes airport and terminal maps) X X
Shows neighborhood safety scores X X
Nearby place recommendations X X
Tracks and summarizes your travel stats X X
Carbon footprint and carbon offsetting options X X
Upload up to 3 documents per trip X X
Seats, fares, and points tracker X
Real-time flight alerts X
Check-in reminders + commute times to airport X
Shows terminal and gate reminders and security wait times X
Airport and terminal/gate navigator X
Country-specific information X
Faster security lines with CLEAR membership X
Travel your rewards program X
Updates friends and family on your travel plans X
Upload up to 25 documents per trip X

Source: TripIt – Pilot 2022. A final review of old tech in a new era. https://www.pilotplans.com/blog/review-of-tripit

I highly recommend this tool to frequent travelers who want to stay coordinated and organized throughout the course of their trip. What tools do you use to stay organized while traveling?


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