Faiz (and my) Favorite New Activity! Shapemags

Faiz working on a Shapemags project (with my assistance on this creation)

If you are like me and want to multitask, getting your toddler to play independently is an essential aspect. There are only a few toys that keep my 18-month-old’s attention span, and that I feel like are stimulating his creativity and brain development. One of these toys is Shapemags, which are an assortment of colorful magnet tiles, for a child to build various creations. There are different versions of this activity, but this is the brand that I purchased based on reviews, price, and number of tiles included.

I saw a similar version on an Instagram influencer’s account a while back, and despite being intrigued, I thought they would be too advanced for my son. However, at my sister-in-laws home this past month, he played with them extensively with his older cousins! He loved them so much, that I ordered a set for our household. Since they arrived two weeks ago, they are the primary toy he wants to play with daily, and his skills with playing with the tiles have already increased.

Benefits of Shape Mags

  • Versatility for Ages: As mentioned earlier, my son is 18-months-old and he loves to play with these toys, as does a range of his cousins up to 8-years-old. Of course, the creations that his older cousins make are significantly more advanced than my son; but it was nice to have an activity that they were all equally excited for. This being said, I removed some of the triangle ones while my son plays independently, to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself with the corners.
  • Color Recognition: I use play time with Shape Mags to practice teaching colors as well for practice. For example, as we build our creations, I will identify each tiles’ color.
  • Creativity with Building: Our family members sat with my son initially to build larger buildings with him, as he would help pass the tiles. I was so excited to look over one day, and he was experimenting independently with his own creation. There are numerous options of what to create from these tiles; and I love watching him struggle and learn how to piece the shapes together. He gets frustrated if he can’t make it work, and I’m glad it’s forcing him to work his hands and mind to figure out how to resolve it. Additionally, he is able to harness his love for destroying things once his creation is complete – so it’s a double win.

All in all, this is one of my favorite activities I have purchased for Faiz in order to stimulate independent play time and creativity/brain development. I cannot recommend it more as an item for your household or a gift for a toddler or young child. The link to the product is: https://amzn.to/34BZ65s.

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