Cybex Gazelle Double Stroller Fan Club

So grateful that I met Krishna when we were both expecting our baby #2s and knee deep in double stroller research. I described to her my key criteria, and she told me it matched up with hers. She told me about her decision to select the Cybex Gazelle S Stroller.

I have now used this stroller for the past 14 months, for daily use around our residence in London, as well as several trips via train. Here are my thoughts!


  • The seats are front and back (Rather than side by side), which works better for the narrow sidewalks and entry ways in London.
  • There are approximately 20 configurations of the double stroller (i.e., car seat, bassinet, 2 infant/toddler seats) so you can experiment to see what works best for your family.
  • The ergonomic near-flat position is ideal for naps for the kids; and when the seats are faced opposite direction, both kids can nap simultaneously.
  • There is great storage space underneath stroller. The stroller also comes with a basket which fits well underneath, and can in total hold up to 50 lbs of gear.
  • The drive of the stroller is very smooth! I have gone for many, many long walks – and I always appreciate how easy it is to manuever.
  • If we want another child, this stroller also can attach to a buggy board for the oldest child to stand upon.
  • The bassinet was multi-purposeful for when we would go out, as well as a great soft for our baby to take naps on (under safe supervision).
  • The footmuff that matches the stroller made going out during the cold more manageable.


  • This is a heavy stroller! Between the weight of the stroller, all the gear I have under the stroller, and my two 25 pound toddlers (yes, they both weigh about the same) – it can be a lot to push around. Because of our London life, I generally have a few stairs to overcome, and it requires some strategizing to make it over.
  • My toddler is starting to get too tall for the cover on the seat. He looks slightly uncomfortable with his legs and head, and he is just turning 3!
  • Because both of my kids like to nap in the afternoons, I need the the seats to face opposite directions so that they can fully recline.
  • When both seats are facing the front, the top child’s legs might hit the bottom child’s one. I have not figured out the solution to this.

In a separate category, I have folding. Because my friend has mastered quickly folding the stroller down; whereas I still struggle with it. I think my specific one might have a a glitch in the handlebar. The moves are simple, and my husband can usually get it done quickly, it just glitches up a bit (my action item for myself is to follow up on our warranty). When it folds, make sure to have a travel stroller bag for all the parts so that they stay together!

All in all, I feel like the cons of this stroller would pertain to most other quality sturdy double strollers. I love this stroller, and definitely would buy again.

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