Body Harness for Active Toddler

With Lyla, April 2022 in Paris, France

Lyla has gotten to be a very energetic and active young toddler. Traveling to Paris with her earlier this month was not the easiest experience. During her first visit to Paris last year, she was not mobile, and it was a much easier time for me that I remember fondly. Now she is CONSTANTLY on the go. I can barely change her diaper without her escaping from my arms, so you can imagine what traveling to another country is like.

This body harness has come in handy as my toddlers transition from a ‘baby-to-toddler’ age, where they want to run off and explore. The top picture is of Lyla in Paris, France in April 2022, and the second picture is of Faiz in September 2020, when he was her age near Pisa, Italy!

Over time, I’ve come to love a few different aspects of it. I love how portable this harness is, that it fits securely/safely around her, and that I am able to let her exert energy and move her legs, while having control to make sure she doesn’t go off too far. The biggest con is that I wish the leash was longer so her range of distance could be further as well. Because of this, I will keep my eye out for a longer one. In the meantime, I am happy with what I can accomplish with this as is. I wasn’t able to find the link to the one I purchased a few years back, but this one seems to be comparable with great reviews!

Putting your child in a baby leash can be a controversial topic, but from our experience of traveling with our kids to a dozen international cities – it definitely helps! The toddlers prefer it to remaining confined in the strollers or our arms.

With Faiz in September 2020 in Pisa, Italy

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