BabyBjorn Carrier Review


Baby-wearing in the BabyBjorn carrier in Old Town Dubrovnik

I’ve talked a lot about baby carrying during traveling, as it is my go-to method to hold my baby at the airport, on the plane or train, or while exploring a new city. The BabyBjorn carrier in particular is so durable! My baby can hang out, people watch, sleep, and most recently, NURSE, while I baby wear her! It is easy to adjust on yourself and can hold up to a 40 pound child (although I personally wouldn’t recommend going past 25 pounds, as that starts to take a toll on my back). However, it is significantly easier for me to carry my baby in the carrier compared to holding her without.

Here are the details of everything I am able to do while baby-wearing:

Baby-wear while SITTING: Wearing my baby is my go-to strategy when sitting on an airplane or train ride. It allows me to be hands-free and distribute the weight from my arms. I can also sit down on boats, by the pool, or any chair!


Baby-wear while EXPLORING: I have been able to walk around and explore while Lyla either faces the world or myself! It makes it easy for me to get my steps in and enjoy many new destinations.

Baby-wear while BREASTFEEDING: This is a recent one! I finally figured out how to nurse and walk around, while she is strapped in the baby carrier! It was a big moment for me

Nursing while baby-wearing in Dubrovnik

Baby-wearing while she NAPS: My baby can easily take a nap while she is strapped in the baby-carrier, as her snuggles against my chest. Besides being super convenient, it is a wonderful feeling.

Rosemary Beach, FL

All in all, baby wearing my infant has allowed me to travel as often and thoroughly as I have. I owe it to having a secure baby carrier, which is easy to take on and off. Very grateful for this product!


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