Baby Carrying with Our Favorite Carrier

Since his birth in April 2019, Faiz has evolved as a human. But the one thing that is the same is how much my husband and I love to baby wear him. There are so many benefits to baby wearing, and for us the major perks include:

  • Travel: Baby-wearing minimizes the amount of gear you need to be able to travel around. It helps keep your child confined to your seat on the plane/train; and walking around without a stroller is easier than having to drag it.
  • Enhanced Cognitive/Social Development: A baby being carried will be able to see the world and be included in social interactions; speeding up the socialization.
  • Multi-Tasking: For all of us multi-tasking moms, we know how convenient life can be when our hands are free. With baby carrying, you can cook, clean, work on your laptop, etc. – and who doesn’t love to multitask.
  • Bonding: Having your baby that close to you is honestly the best feeling ever. Time goes by so fast; and before we know it, our babies won’t want to be snuggled up to us 24/7, so might as well savor the moments.

Ergo Baby Carrier

There are dozens of great baby carriers out in the market. I personally use the Ergonomic Baby Carrier. Perks include:

  • Weight: The carrier can hold a newborn up to a baby weighing 45 lbs – serving as an investment for a few years.
  • Security: The carrier has easy-to-use buckles to make sure the baby is securely fastened against the parent.
  • Different Positions: The carrier can be positioned in a variety of ways – the baby can sit facing you, facing the world, and can sit on your back.

If interested in purchasing the carrier that I use for our travels (domestic and international) and lower-key outings (restaurants, parks, etc.), use the following code:

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